Wire EDM Machining


Achieving high accuracy and tighter tolerances is essential for many industries such as Tool and Die, Stamping, Medical, Aerospace, Defense and Injection Molding. With wire EDM machining we can produce and repeat the required specifications with ease.

We can cut the most intricate parts and delicate shapes, including complicated geometry, sharp corners, contours, cavities, and external or internal tapers.

The wire EDM process eliminates burrs and metal distortions that you find with other typers of cutting machines. Our wire EDM machines cut to very tight tolerances +/- .0001″ (.0025mm). Since the entire process is computer-and-robotic controlled, we can create duplicate parts that are virtually identical.

With minimal setup required for cutting jobs, our wire EDM machines produce a quick turnaround on cutting orders, creating a cost-effective cutting solution for metals and alloys. Independent “U&V” programming (4 axis).

Our wire EDM’s are also equipped with linear motor driving systems for repeated close tolerances and very fine finishes.